Ultra Low Noise AFM

We are working with Asylum Research under a joint development contract towards the commercialisation of low noise AFM technology developed within the Nanoscale Function Group. This collaboration has so far yielded enhancements in fluid cell imaging stability and ongoing work is focused on extension of the instrument to include direct cantilever excitation. The low noise AFM takes full advantage of the sensitivity and usability afforded by Digital-FM. A PhD project has been initialised as part of the collaboration to further develop low noise AFM technology to allow high-speed imaging.

Figure 1 : Low Noise AFM

Figure 1: Low Noise AFM

Projects Using Low Noise AFM

Collaboration Benefits

  • Hardware development design and prototyping support
  • Software Development collaboration and integration
  • Reciprocal flow of technology and knowledge
  • Workshops and training
  • Site visits
  • Development of career opportunities in industry


  1. Development of Liquid-Environment Frequency Modulation Atomic Force Microscope with Low Noise Deflection Sensor for Cantilevers of Various Dimensions , Fukuma, T., and Jarvis, S. P., Review of Scientific Instruments, 77, 043701, (2006). [PDF]