Core Resources

Within the institute there are a number of other core facilities/resources available to the group including:

  • Cell culture facilities - We have access to a shared tissue culture facility that houses all equipment needed for the growth, maintenance, and analysis of cells. The facility is located beside the group wetlab and has separate rooms for either primary or continuous cell line culturing. Laminar flow hoods for the sterile handling of cells, as well as several atmosphere-controlled incubators for growing cells are available. Phase-contrast, fluorescence and standard bright-field microscopes are accessible for cell analysis. A highly purified water supply, fridges, freezer and cryopreservation system are available for media preparation and storage. 
  • Biological sample preparation areas - We have access to a fully equipped wet laboratory facility for biological sample preparation. Within this facility, access to general laboratory equipment such as fume hoods, centrifuges, balances, temperature controlled storage areas etc. are available. This resource also includes access to a number of specialised biological sample preparation and characterisation tools and an ultra-purified water and gas supply. 
  • Surface characterisation facilities - We have access to a number of surface characterisation tools and instruments within UCD. These include electron microscopy (TEM and SEM), Focused Ion Beam (FIB), small angle x-ray spectroscopy (SAXS), X-Ray diffraction and Dynamic Light Scattering  (DLS). These facilities are located within the UCD campus and are housed in temperature controlled laboratories. In addition, the instruments are managed by specialised surface scientists who also provide support and training.
Figure 1:  (a) cell culture facilities, (b) biological sample preparation area, and (c) surface characterisation facilities.

Figure 1: (a) cell culture facilities, (b) biological sample preparation area, and (c) surface characterisation facilities.

Conway Core Technologies

Under the Conway Institute Core Technology Programme, we also have access to a number of technology platforms where state-of-the-art equipment is centrally located, properly maintained and managed by a cohort of expert staff who provide technical support to researchers.

Training is provided in sample preparation, instrument use and, depending on the technology, subsequent analysis of raw data. This allows researchers access to high value, specialised equipment, which is properly maintained and managed. A bespoke online booking and invoicing system facilitates access to these core technologies within the institute.

The following Core Technologies are available:

  • Confocal Microscopy
  • Digital Slide Scanning & Image Analysis
  • Electron Microscopy
  • Fluorescent Microscopy
  • Flow Cytometry

See Conway-Core Technologies for more information.