The Nanoscale Function Group is a multidisciplinary team involved in a number of research areas in the field of nanoscience. By combining expertise in key scientific areas, we are concerned with the design of novel technologies for biomedical applications and the understanding of the structure and function of molecular interactions on the nanometer scale.

The group is located in the Conway Institute of Biomolecular and Biomedical Research at University College Dublin (UCD). Our research is mainly focused on the development and application of novel Atomic Force Microscopy instrumentation and techniques, to find solutions for biomedical problems, at both the cellular and molecular scale. The principle measurement tool used by the group is the Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), which we utilize to study various biologically-relevant systems at the nanoscale.

Applied Research Interests:

  • Biomedical adhesives

  • Biocompatible coatings for medical implants

  • Tailored drug discovery and delivery

  • Next generation biomedical devices

Fundamental Research Interests:

  • Interactions at the membrane fluid interface

  • Functional and pathogenic amyloid

  • The role of water in mediating biological interactions

  • Cellular signalling and mechanotransduction