Science for Schools’ is a series of lectures developed by the Nanoscale Function Group (NFG) to promote science at primary school level. We regularly visit primary schools throughout the year and always have an overwhelmingly positive response to our visits. We feel it is imperative to target children at primary level, so that by the time they reach secondary school, they will have developed a keen interest in the inspiring world of science.

There are three main lectures/demonstrations targeted for specific age groups in the primary cycle.

  1. Me and my senses - This lecture is aimed at smaller children (5-7 years old), introducing them to the concepts of working scientifically by guessing the identity of a series of objects using sensory clues.
  2. Fun with a microscope - This demonstration is aimed at the age group from 7-10 years old, here, children get a hands-on experience, preparing and examining simple slides and learning basic microscopy techniques.
  3. It’s a small, small world - This lecture is aimed at older children (10-12 years old) and expands on the principles of microscopy, aiming to encourage a better comprehension of size, scale, materials and their role in the world around us. We also take time to discuss the concepts of nanotchnology and nanoscience and their role in modern society.

Outreach Mission

We have put together a series of lectures with tangible demonstration elements to give primary school children a real feel for science. We are committed to always having a diverse team involved in our outreach activities, with a good gender balance and a wide cross-section of ages and nationalities. We endeavour to act as positive role models and to actively support and encourage schoolchildren to study science. By working with pupils from 5 to 12 years, we can potentially ignite and foster their interest in science during their formative years as well as influence and direct their subject choice towards science as they enter secondary school.

Transition Year Student Placement Opportunities

As part of our Outreach Programme, we are happy to provide work experience opportunities for transition year students who are particularly interested in the sciences. Click here to contact us.

Interested in finding out about what we do ?

Members of our research team are willing to travel out to your school or event to give a talk.

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